What is citronella

lemon tea tree oilWhat is Citronella Oil in its true essence? Have you ever smelt the soothing fragrance of rounded lemon grass? It gives a soothing lemony aroma that is pleasant smelling. Citronella is a lemon scented tree that is originally native to Australia. You may have come across the word citronella or lemon myrtle in skin care products and asked what is citronella?

Citronella is actually a herb which is botanically called Cymbopogon nardus. It has greenish blue leaves and smells like fresh lemon. Therefore, the herb is commonly called lemon grass. It is found in Australia, Africa, Latin and South America and in tropical areas of Asia. Citronella oils fall in two categories ceylon citronella oil and Java citronella oil.  Ceylon category was first explored in the market and was widely used till the start of this century.  The java type was recently explored and proven to yielding content. Citronella has been used as a fragrance and for medicinal value for centuries. The leaves from the plant are harvested to extract the oil.
It undergoes steam distillation process during the extraction. Then the fresh leaves from the citronella are processed through steam for extraction of the oil.

What are citronellas benefit?

Citronella oil was mainly used as an insect repellant. Today its applications are wide ranging. Some of them are related to skin and beauty products.

  • It is anti bacterial due to its methyl isoeugenol content.
  • Aromatherapy applications stimulate the blood circulation which helps in aiding muscle cramps and strains.
  • Insects are repelled by the fragrance, which makes it right flame torch.
  • It has germicidal/antiseptic properties.
  • Used externally citronella helps treat athlete’s foot and dirty foot odor.
  • It relieves rashes and itchiness on dry skin.

You have read about what is citronella and some of its benefits.  Have you heard of a tea tree plant that has all the benefits of citronella, smells like citronella and has the added benefits of tea tree oil?  In fact, it is more potent than regular tea tree oil without the astringent smell and has the right natural lemony citronella aroma.  Compared to lemon’s citral content of 3-10%, lemon tea tree contains 90-98% citral, which is what gives it that lovely and unique lemony aroma.  Yes, Lemon tea tree gives you the added benefits of citronella and tea tree.  Australian skin cream specializes in uniquely blended Lemon Tea Cream moisturizer that is a multi functional.  It is the perfect cream for daily moisturizing and keeping your skin hydrated while providing all the benefits of citronella and tea tree on your skin.

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